SA Xtreme Swimming

SA Xtreme coaches offer techniques and training to increase speed and endurance in the water. Athletes will train year-round in 4-week sessions to compete in Regional meets such as the Endeavor Games and Texas Regional games and out-of-state meets such as the Fred Lamback Disability Meet in Augusta, GA.

Division Info

Appropriate for children who walk independently.
Appropriate for children who use an assistive device.
Appropriate for children who walk independently.

SA Xtreme

Division Requirements

  • Must only have a physical disability
  • Successful tryout or recommendation by staff
  • Possess the skill and desire to compete at a higher level
  • Must be able to comprehend and retain rules and skills, and then build upon them from week to week
  • 1:1 support is not provided, so must be able to train, compete, function in a group setting and follow the coach’s directions without volunteer assistance
Typically offered
Winter Spring Summer Fall
Program Fee
Monthly fee based on practices and competitions

Sport Requirements

  • No assistance is provided in the water, so athletes must swim independently in depths of up to 9 feet
  • Child must be able to successfully perform a minimum of two swim strokes
  • Team swimsuit
  • Goggles, fins and kickboard are also recommended
  • Swimsuit embroidery and swim cap are provided