Fitness & Fun

Participants who typically participate in the Champion division will explore fitness and sensory motor activities through guided instruction. At the end of the season, athletes demonstrate their new skills followed by an awards ceremony. Learn more about scholarships here.

Division Info

Appropriate for children who walk independently.
Appropriate for children who use an assistive device.
Appropriate for children who use a wheelchair.


Class focuses on fitness and sensory motor activities to allow participants to learn basic sports skills and improve coordination in a fun environment. Sensory stations are set up to allow for breaks and to increase exposure to various activities.

Division Requirements

  • Must have a disability that limits participation in mainstream sports
  • Requires extra attention due to any behavioral or sensory diagnosis
  • Needs help to follow directions and stay on task during group activity
Typically offered
Winter Spring Summer Fall
6 weeks
Program Fee

Sport Requirements

  • Acceptable to have limited mobility or strength

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