WE BELIEVE in the results we're getting: the huge smiles on faces of children who have just hit a ball. Jumped on a trampoline. And danced for joy - literally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do parents enroll their children in Kinetic Kids' programs?
“What does Kinetic Kids do for our child and for our family? It gives our child a place to belong, a way to participate, a way to feel part of the group. It gives her the opportunity to put her disability aside for a bit and dance, tumble, cheer and laugh. It gives her the chance to be on a stage and perform. It gives her a chance to be on the inside. It gives her family the chance to celebrate her abilities. For a parent of a child with a disability, there is no greater gift.”
Why is it important to help get KIDS with SPECIAL NEEDS off the sidelines and involved with sports and recreational programs?
"Studies show that people with disabilities are much more likely to lead sedentary lives and, therefore, more likely to develop a secondary condition, such as diabetes, respiratory failure, osteoporosis, or cardiovascular disease. Sports and recreation programs for the disabled are important because they improve participants’ strength, coordination, and flexibility. They promote social relationships and reduce the need for medications. And parents and teachers report that participating children are less likely to be depressed and often show improvements in behavior, academics, and social interaction."
Where are you located?
“Kinetic Kids offers programs throughout the San Antonio area including Converse and Boerne. We do not have a central facility. This allows us to serve children with special needs in the same arena as the sport is conducted. We also understand that it is easier for our families if we provide programs around the city versus in one location.”
When do your programs begin and end?
“Our programs run in seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall. Most programs run 6-8 weeks long, but there are several that are one day programs. Click here to see the current schedule.
Will I need to help my child during the program?
“Kinetic Kids has staff with backgrounds in pediatric disabilities. A physical, occupational, speech, or recreational therapist will be present at each program. Additionally, our volunteers are recruited from local universities who have a desire to major in a pediatric or health related field. We also have community volunteers who are eager and committed to working with children with special needs. We encourage all parents to share information that may help participation at the programs. Our ultimate goal is that parents have time to sit back, relax, and enjoy their child’s accomplishments during the program.”
How old do you have to be to volunteer?
“Volunteer guidelines: 16 years or older – independent volunteer; 14-16 years – paired with an independent volunteer; under 14 – observation only. Click here to volunteer."

We Believe in the smiles of joy, and the expression of excitement you will see on the faces of the children as they participate in Kinetic Kids’ activities!